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Society needs eco friendly and economical solutions. At enim, we believe we need to reinvent the recovery cycle of strategic minerals from obsolete electronic equipment to minimize their carbon footprint. We define a future without waste and in harmony with the environment and society. We are the actors of a sustainable future.
Why? Because we must.

Who is enim?

enim is a new Quebec-based sustainable development company whose small footprint hydrometallurgical process transforms obsolete electronic equipment into usable resources through a local, eco friendly and economical circular economy approach.

enim - PCB - équipement électronique - économie circulaire Québec


Discover our mission

To revalorize the resource in an innovative way and to contribute to a sustainable future that meets the needs of today's society without compromising the ability of next generations to meet theirs.

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Share our vision

To be an eco friendly leader for urban mine revalorization while considering environmental, social and economic dimensions.

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Explore our values

Our values are strong and unifying. They allow us to work collaboratively, inclusively and strategically towards a sustainable future.

Innovation: Thinking outside the box in order to create with boldness, creativity and with an open mind.

Respect: Acting with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Solidarity: Contributing to today and tomorrow's common good.

Ambition: Striving for excellence and surpassing ourselves to contribute to the positive evolution of society.

Wonder: Daring to do things differently while having fun so that today's dream becomes tomorrow's reality. 

enim - procédé d'hydrométallurgie

The solution

The management of obsolete electronic waste is a crucial environmental issue for the planet, as none of the options on the market allow for the responsible recycling or recovery of components. enim's hydrometallurgical process harvests up to 99% of the strategic minerals contained in obsolete electronic equipment, effectively turning our societies into urban mines.

Unlike pyrometallurgy, which relies on the combustion of electronic waste, hydrometallurgy uses liquid solutions to separate the components, leaving a much smaller environmental footprint than burning the waste. 

enim valuation cycle

enim cycle de valorisation produits électronique désuets du Québec
Step 0

Raw minerals

Step 1

Electronics are disposed of in bins at drugstores, electronics stores, and businesses through electronics recycling programs. 

Step 2

Waste is sent to electronics recyclers.

Step 3

Circuit boards are sent to enim.

Step 4

enim targets and recovers various metals, such as palladium, gold, silver, copper, platinum, aluminum, zinc, tin or lead.

Step 5

enim sells or redistributes the metals to create a virtuous cycle.

enim - Simon Racicot-Daignault

enim - solution durable valorisation des déchets électroniques désuets

Simon Racicot-Daignault

President and CEO of enim. Former CEO of InnovHQ, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec responsible for the commercialization of innovative technologies.

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At the head of enim, he wishes to contribute at the development of a greener and more environmentally friendly economy to allow future generations to meet their needs while minimizing the environmental footprint in a sustainable manner.


enim - solution durable valorisation des déchets électroniques désuets

Gabriel Trottier-Hardy


Leads enim's development and legal affairs activities.


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He previously held key positions related to innovation and development at Hydro-Québec and Bombardier. Gabriel is a trilingual Quebec-based manager and lawyer. He has contributed to the success of numerous international projects, playing commercial, business development and sales roles. Gabriel is also involved in tennis world, being Tennis's Montreal's Chairman and National Bank Open presented by Roger's Master of Ceremonies. At enim, he intends to change the way resources are valued by building long-term partnerships based on the common good.

enim - Dominique Morin

Seneca - Experts Conseils

Dominique      Morin

Seneca is the firm behind the launch of Recyclage Lithion, which initiated the creation of enim.


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Seneca has developed and patented an innovative hydrometallurgy process for the recovery of metals, including precious and strategic metals from printed circuit boards.
enim - Jean-Philippe Mai

Dundee Sustainable Technologies

Jean-Philippe    Mai

Dundee Sustainable Technologies has developed metal extraction processes for the mining industry.


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Their solution eliminates cyanide and captures arsenic from existing processes to reduce their environmental impact. The patented CLEVR process will be adapted and used to maximize the extraction of precious metals from obsolete electronic scrap. Dundee Sustainable Technologies operates a plant and laboratory in Thetford Mines.

Let's talk

Our process has the power to change the recovery cycle of obsolete electronic products in an economical, sustainable and social way.

"Society needs eco friendly and economical solutions. At enim, we believe we need to reinvent the recovery cycle of strategic minerals from obsolete electronic equipment to minimize their carbon footprint."

Simon Racicot-Daignault, President, enim

Talking about sustainable development

Reducing our ecological footprint while optimizing the use of resources already extracted from our old electronic devices is possible. There are alternative solutions to the current pyrometallurgy methods that pollute and do not recover the precious metals to their full potential. Our electronic waste represents a real gold mine that enim will valorize again and again with its green and socially acceptable solution. Let's talk about it!

7100, Jean-Talon Est,
Anjou, QC
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(514) 451-5173